US aircraft have interfered in the situation in the Syrian town of Hasakah


American warplanes intervened in the situation on the Syrian city of Hasakah in order to protect the special forces of the United States air strikes on Syrian army, said Pentagon.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defense in Washington states that Syrian warplanes stopped the attacks when the Americans arrived.

Hasakah is a city in northeastern Syria, mainly inhabited by Kurds. The town is now under the control of Kurdish militia (IPG), which is a partner of the coalition forces led by the United States.

In the past two days, for the first time was bombed the positions of Kurdish forces in this part of the country, which according to the Kurdish sources, prompted “thousands of people to flee their homes”.

A Pentagon spokesman said that the planes of the coalition forces first intervened in an incident that involved aircraft of the Syrian army.

There was no direct contact between the Syrians and the Americans, but the United States through the relationship with Russia, warned Syria to protect coalition troops.

The President Barack Obama allowed sending United States special forces on the ground to help local militias associated with the United States in the fight against the Islamic state.

The government in Damascus last night through a special statement broadcast by state television, accused the Kurdish militia that attacked government institutions, stealing oil and cotton, kidnaps civilians and spreading chaos and instability.

This, according to the Syrian army, that explains why for the first time government warplanes bombed the positions of the militia.

Syrian Kurds are between seven and ten percent of the total Syrian population of 24 million people, before the beginning of the war against the President Bashar al-Assad.

Although Kurds in the country had the same rights as Arabs, they were mostly loyal to the government in Damascus.