Trump again on the same side with Putin


Donald Trump demanded a serious investigation of all candidates for immigration to the United States, promising to manage and prevent those who are followers of extremist groups or those do not embrace American values.

He said that his politics will primarily apply to temporarily stop the migration of the “unsafe areas” worldwide.

Speaking in the state of Ohio, where the outcome of November’s presidential election will be extremely uncertain, Donald Trump said that his opponent from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton have not any “mental and physical stamina” to fight against the Islamic state.

He said that the destruction of the terrorist group will be in the central position of his foreign policy and said it would team up with all countries that are against ISIS and specifically point on Russia as a country with which, as he said the Republican candidate, the United States can have better relations.

“Any country that will aim to destroy the Islamic State, will be our ally”, said Trump and said: “We cannot choose our friends, but we must recognize our enemies”.

Before his speech, Hillary Clinton and Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden criticized and challenged readiness of the Republican candidate to be commander in chief of the US armed forces. Biden called attitudes of Donald Trump “dangerous” and “un-American” and remind if the “big lie” of Trump, who last week said that Barack Obama created the Islamic state.

While Donald Trump strongly criticized moves by the administration of President Barack Obama in the fight against the Islamic State, it is unclear what would be his foreign policy. US media allocate its most concrete statement, and it’s just changing US immigration policy to prevent potential radical Islamists to arrive on the soil of the United States.

Donald Trump’s aides say the new “ideological test for immigration to the United States” will be checking the position of the candidate or should be asked questions about religious freedoms, gender equality and gay rights.

The government would use it surveys, social media, chat with friends and families of the candidates and other assets against which to determine whether applicants a request for US citizenship supporting “American values” such as tolerance and pluralism. The United States would have stopped issuing visas when the check will not “fit” the criteria.

Trump did not explain how US authorities would have evaluated the truthfulness of the answers of respondents, or how much labor would be needed for such verification. Also during his campaign has not said whether such measures will be applied and the millions of tourists who visit the United States.