Trump is trying to get new momentum with economic measures


Republican candidate for US president Donald Trump, this Monday tried to give new momentum to his campaign, promising that if elected, he would cut taxes, and the United States with his new plan of economic measures will experience a new beginning.

Presenting his economic vision in a speech at the Economic Club in Detroit, New York businessman Donald Trump said “It can be done, and neither is so difficult”.

Donald Trump offered several proposals, including tax reforms, which, like he said it would cause the biggest tax revolution in the United States since the era of President Ronald Reagan.

Trump used the speech on the economy to turn the page on the campaign after the week in which he attributed some missteps for which he was criticized in series including the Republican Party that nominated him. Democratic candidate is ahead, but the gap is mostly reduced, three months before the election on November 8th.

The media noted that Trump had followed spots in Detroit prepared speech, and he remained calm even when he was interrupted by demonstrators. His ideas in speech are perceived as intended for the rich business community and workers.

The plan includes, among other things, reducing the rate of income tax and corporate tax, as well as bringing new legal provisions for working parents dealing the cost of maintenance of children.

Trump promised revival plan for Keystone pipeline and would retread United States from the Agreement on transpacific partnership which is supported by the current President of the US, Barack Obama.

“Now we start a major national debate on economic recovery in America. It is a debate about how to make United States of America great again to all of us… especially for those who are struggle and receive low pay”, said Republican candidate for US president Donald Trump.