Trump to black voters: What can you lose?


While polls show that the Republican candidate in presidential elections on 8 November in the United States, Donald Trump will mainly support among African-American voters, this he Friday told them still to vote for him because they have nothing to lose.

“Look how many African-American communities suffer under the rule of Democrats. I will say to them this. “What would you lose if you try something new, as Trump?” said Donald Trump at the rally in the Dimondale in Michigan, where, as news agency DPA reports, almost all of the attendees were white.

“You are living in poverty. Your schools are not good. You do not work… What the hell are you losing?” asked Donald Trump.

While most of the African-Americans are identify with the Democratic Party since the 1950s, Trump’s presidential campaign brought new negative records for Republicans. Polls conducted after the July convention showed that among the black population Donald Trump has the support of only 1 or 2 percent.

Many of them say they cannot forget the insistence of Dpnald Trump during the elections of 2012 the current President Barack Obama, the first black American president that was not born in the US, and therefore cannot be qualified for the White House. Obama then, although did not do it during the first term, announced the birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii.

“It is such ignorance that startled” wrote Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on Twitter after a gathering of Donald Trump. Marlon Marshall, a senior official of the Democratic presidential campaign, criticized Donald Trump for allegedly “represents the entire African-American community that lives in poverty and without work”.

Donald Trump, however, in a speech promised, if elected in November, there will be “more than 95 percent of African-American voters” When he will candidate in the next presidential elections in 2020.