Trump attacks again: US media are disgusting and corrupt


Republican candidate for US president Donald Trump continued to attack the media, accusing them of being “hostile” to him and reports on his campaign are lead by their personal persuasion.

“The media do not report correctly for my meetings, never report my message correctly and just not show the actual number of the crowd and their enthusiasm. We cannot talk about freedom of the media, if the media say and write what they want, especially if it’s a complete lie”, wrote Trump last night on Twitter.

Trump previously called the media “disgusting and corrupt”, particularly referring to the article published in the New York Times, which get into doubt the ability of his election team due to poor performance in the polls.

“The New York Times refers to anonymous sources talking about the meetings that were never held, so that their article is a complete fiction”, said Trump, adding that they protect his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump accuses US media, for months, of bias and revoked their accreditations to following its campaign of many of them, including New York Times and Washington Post.

The head of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort in his interview with CNN condemned the behavior of the media, saying that the campaign “progressed” although the some of them “claim the opposite”.

He specifically blamed his CNN that biased reporting on Trump’s campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Trump adviser for foreign policy, Sen. Jeff Sessions in an interview with ABC express that is not satisfied with the “negative reporting on the campaign of Republican candidate”,

“Trump is right when he says that most of the media want him to lose the election, but it was the case with Republican candidates in previous presidential elections. The difference now is that Trump with his provocative statements and behavior in the public contributes to it”, says the American Wall Street Journal.