Soros hacked, over 2,500 documents publicly available


More than 2,500 files, of which most of them are about the Open Society Foundations are shared publicly and are available on DCLeaks.

“Thanks to him (George Soros) and his minions, the world thinks that the US is a bloodsucker, instead of a beacon of liberty. His slaves, kill millions and millions of people, and that makes him richer. Soros oligarch who sponsors the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and hundreds of politicians worldwide. This website was created to allow everyone to review confidential documents about the foundation Open Society, Institute of George Soros and organizations close to him.” said DCLeaks.

Hackers have published more than 2.500 documents of the Foundation Open Society, which runs the American billionaire George Soros, which reveals work plans, strategies, priorities and other activities of Soros.

This is not the first time to be published data on non-governmental organizations funded by George Soros. In June, the organization announced that they are the target of a hacker attack. Is targeted intranet system which is used by: board members, staff and partners founders.

The documents, as stated by Russia Today and US media are grouped into sections such as geographical areas, the World Bank and the Office of the President, and relate the period from 2008 to 2016 year.

According to Lor Silber, the spokeswoman of the FBI, hackers, the data of the foundation Open Society first were published in June. She stated that the investigation showed incursions internal network used by board members, staff and partners of the Soros Foundation.

Hackers discovered emails from former NATO General Philip Breedlove, which reflected his attempt to force Obama to start a conflict with Russia. Breedlove said the stolen mails were part of the state intelligence operations.

We remind, Wikileaks published a few days ago that billionaire George Soros in 2011, was providing instructions to Hillary Clinton how to approach to the protests that lately occur in Albania.