Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim: Work three days a week and the economy will flourish


British study shows that employees in companies are productive only three days a week, or two and a half days in case it comes to the very hot weather. People should work three days a week, according to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim three-day working week could be the answer to many problems in the world.

“People today live longer, healthier, and are not forced into hard physical effort. Today’s civilization requires more knowledge and more experience and less physical readiness. I think that we should retire later and to work three days a week”, said Carlos Slim in an interview with Bloomberg.

Slim puts it the basis of the business logic: drastic cuts in the working week will spur jobs and will intensify the economy. If people are free four days a week will not only increase the quality of their lives, but will also increase tourism, the entertainment industry, sports, culture, and even education.

Seventh richest man in the world

The owner of the Mexican telecom company, Carlos Slim was the richest man in the world and is now seventh in the list of Forbes. His fortune is estimated at 49.1 billion dollars. Slim in 2014 bought a controlling stake in Telekom Austria, which owns operators in Bulgaria, Belarus and Croatia.

Slim reminds that always back in history, advances in technology decreased the need for human work. Rather than fired workers, and their office hours should be shortened. They can later retire and society certainly it will pay off because less money will be spent on payment of pensions. A Slim not think to retire, although there 76 years.

It’s not just his idea, the media in the UK a few days ago announced the results of a study, according to which employees are productive only three days a week. And when it’s hot, then two and a half days. For the British, and probably not only them, most productive day is Friday, and the best for work is on Tuesday.

In April this year, researchers from Melbourne reported similar results. Workers will be more capable to work if they work week decrease of three days. The survey was conducted on 3,500 women and 3,000 men older than 40 years. The three-day workweek is desirable if you want people to work very well and, while not get sick. Those who had a 25-hour week had the best results.

This is not the first time for the Mexican billionaire  to call the world to reduce working hours in order to increase the number of employees. Two years ago from a conference in Paraguay, Slim called on the world to introduce a three-day working week. Now when people are living longer and are in better conditions, a four-day weekend would have selected quality of life, it encouraged a range of leisure activities and enable an increased work life.