Ryan Lochte: The diet of an Olympic swimmer


Ryan Lochte this week will be part of the 4th Summer Olympics games in his professional sports career. US swimmer to qualify to compete in 2 disciplines: 200 meters individual medley and 800 meters freestyle, also this week only remains to be seen whether it will he succeed to bring a new medals for the selection of the United States.

But do you know how his diet looks? Yes, it is not as extreme like that 12,000 calories of his mate Michael Phelps that he ate on a daily basis, but it is also rich in calories.

Ryan Lochte, according to statements that he had given to media, inserts 7000 to 8000 calories a day deployed across multiple meals.

In the morning for breakfast, he eats 6 eggs with spinach and cheese, tomatoes and ham, then potatoes prepared in different ways, oatmeal, pancakes, fruit and after the breakfast he drinks coffee with milk and lots of sugar.

A week before any competition, he eats extreme eating many carbohydrates like pasta and bread. Fettuccine Alfredo pasta is Lochte favorites, but also on the menu are many dishes with proteins like chicken and steaks that his private chef prepares. Because the swimmer admitted that he does not know hot to cook.

Two or three hours before the race, he also eats a big meal and drink caffeine pill instead of an energy drink, and wanting to keep up with trends also eat a lot of food prepared with tofu, vegetables and avocados.

Getting excited for dinner tonight. @gcooks22 hooked it up for me. Gotta get my calorie intake in tonight.

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Friday is the day for “cheating” and then he allows, “fast food”. On Fridays, Ryan Lochte eats a lot of burgers, pizza, ice cream, fried potatoes, fried chicken and drink sodas and also he allows to drink a glass of red wine.

This is only small part of being one of the fastest swimmers on the planet.