Why Russia is an important factor in American elections?


The presidential candidates in the United States use Russia in their campaign to defeat the opponent.

Among the Americans, Russia is still seen as a potentially dangerous enemy and many are afraid of it.

Four years ago, Barack Obama before his election laughed to his rival then, Republican Mitt Romney, who said that “Russia is the biggest enemy of the United States”.

“I received a call from the 80’s and they want you to bring them back the foreign policies”, joked Barack Obama in the last debate of the candidates for presidents of the United States in 2012.

In just four years, the situation changed, and now the Democrats want to convince Americans that the Russians are “bad boys” and the Republican candidate has a policy of appeasement to the Russian government.

Last December, the Russian president called the  Republican candidate Donald Trump “a very clever and talented man” and welcomed his desire for close relations with Russia.

Donald Trump responded by complimenting him and stated his good relationship with Putin as the best evidence of his good conduct of foreign policy.

When American experts say that Russian intelligence has hacked computers of the Democratic National Committee, Trump publicly urged Russia to continue with hacking and to publish other information data.

Because of that many Americans are convinced that Putin ordered the attackers to discredit Democrats in order to help Donald Trump.

On the other hand, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the relationship with Russia by Donald Trump is used as its main weapon against the rival.

From the campaign of the Democrats are pointing to the danger for the United States that represents the politics of Donald Trump and the rise of Russia.

The latest polls show that the popularity of Trump is decreased, mostly because of its policies toward Russia.