The police killed a black boy, authorities suppressed the protests!


After the riots that broke out at the weekend due to the killing of an African American in the US city of Milwaukee was introduced curfew for teens, reported today local authorities and the police.

Tom Barrett, Mayor of that city, said that the restriction for going out on the street for the persons that are less than 18 years starts at 22 pm.

“We will make sure to bring back the peace and order and to return them to this neighborhood”, said Tom Barrett to the reporters.

The death of 23 year old Sajlvil Smee this Saturday, who was killed by the members of the police, who now claims that he was armed, they became furious citizens, mostly because it is still one in a series of incidents in which police kill African American. The protest that occurred were arrested 14 people, police vehicles were damaged, burned other cars, shops…

“On the streets are young people. They, in my opinion, deliberately want to harm this beautiful area, this wonderful city”, said Barrett.

Protests first erupted on Saturday when a group of about 200 people became violent because of the murder of Smith, reports AFP. He was in a car with another person when were stopped by two policemen. Smith and his companion began to run, and police shot him when he wanted to throw his gun, according to authorities.

The protests continued on Sunday, and the night between Sunday and Monday in violence were injured seven policemen. The politician Kalofe Rainey, who represents the neighborhood Sherman Park, where the protest occurred out, he urged citizens to leave the bricks and guns.

“Yes, our area has problems. Yes, it is unfair to cut economic opportunities because of the color of the skin and the postcode in which we were born. Yes, too many of our young people are frustrated, hopeless and surrounded by crime. But you cannot fix the roof of a house burning”, he said.