The past that Melania Trump hides


Before becoming Mrs. Trump, Melania was a model, and before that a student of architecture in Slovenia. But that is her story. Journalists take some time to research on this topic and found that the potential first lady of the United States was not sincere when it comes to her past.

Boyan Pozar, a journalist from Slovenia, researched Melania Trump, and their findings, published in a book probably she will not like it. According to his claims, Melania lied in the most part of her biography, also she was quiet due to better public image. He even claimed that she lied that she met Trump in 1998. According to his findings, the billionaire had met three years earlier.

“I do not know in what relationship they were, but with talks with fashion agents, I know that they have been in touch. My research shows that they have met in year 1995, and Trump helped the mannequin career”, says the author of “The Insider Story – from the Slovenian communist village to the White House”.

At that time, 1995, Trump was married to his second wife. Infidelity is not a novelty, because with his second wife began dating while was married with the first, and such scandals do not in favor to anyone who wants to be the president of the United States.

Pozar said that the period from 1995 to 1998 is the most mysterious part of the Melania’s life. She had several relationships in Slovenia, but failed to find any of those that Melania at that time was in a romantic relationship. While it is assumed that at that time was with Trump, media are dealing with another interesting topic.

Was there a work permit?

Although Melania claimed to have all necessary permits and visa at the time, failed to prove. The story she recounted in the media acted convincingly, so for weeks journalists investigating whether Melania was an illegal immigrant in America at that time.

This topic is particularly interesting because of the well-known positions of her husband’s of illegal migration. If you really knew at the time, then the basic thesis of his campaign falls apart.

But that is not the only problem.

Mistress, illegal migrant and… Escort lady?

Pozar is not the first, nor the only one who claimed that Melania and Trump met earlier than they claim. Much before the Slovenian magazine “Suzy” announced that Melania and Trump knew each other in year 1995, and that Trump his third wife met while working as an escort lady.

“These girls pose as models, but in general dealing with labor escort”, says the Slovenian magazine.

These charges Paulo Zampoli and owner of the modeling agency that Melania had a contract, calls nonsense. Indeed, no one was able to prove that Melania really dealt with such work, but journalists managed to find 48-year-old Peter Butolin, former boyfriend of Melania, who claims to have topless photographs of potential First Lady.

“An American organization offered me $200,000 to sell those pictures. I refused, but maybe one day will sell”, said Butolin.

However, those photos will not be a surprise to the world public, because Melania in the 90s was photographed nude for magazines. These pictures reappeared in public during the campaign of her husband to the White House.

She lied about her family too

Her father, Victor Knavs was driver and a member of the Communist Party, her mother, Amalia worked as a seamstress in the former factory of children’s clothing “Jutranjka”. Interestingly, though, that in the first Melania said she interviews her mother in Yugoslavia was a fashion designer, but the reporter Bojan Pozar found that Amalia Knavs worked as a seamstress.
Also, this reporter claimed that Melania did not finish architecture school, as proudly notable interviews in years. Pozar found that studies dropped out after the first semester.

The greatest love of her life is not Trump

Friends and acquaintances of the city Sevica in which Melania grew, remember her as a very beautiful and ambitious girl, determined to use his appearance to become someone. A witness to that is her former love from Slovenia, Jure Zorchikj.

“She was a lovely girl. When I first saw her, I almost fell from the bike”, recalls Jure, now 47-year-old married businessman.

Jure and Melania were together half a year before leaving for the man who broke her heart. His name is Gregor Erbeznik, at that time a talented skier and surfer.

“Gregor was the one that Melania loved. He is the key to everything, her true love”, said Jure.

However, the Gregor did not want to talk a lot about the relationship with Mrs. Trump, and said that the two were not more than a friends.

First Lady of Fashion

The first steps in fashion, Melania had made with her sister Ines the shows that the company of her mother staged in the 80’s. It is interesting that in the year 1992 she made her first video, which looking from today’s perspective, may have foretold its future – “First lady of fashion”.

Shortly after she tried in the role of “The first lady” Melania packed their bags and left Slovenia. Before coming to New York in the mid-90’s, he lived in Milano and Paris, where she worked as a model, but her faith changed with the walking away in America. The departure of another continent means the end of the relationship with Gregor, who was hailed by Jure, then he was in a relationship with her.

Did she left her greatest love since then because she met with Trump? Her biographer of Slovenia, Bojan Pozar, tried to get to the answer to that question, but received contrary information.

According to one version of the story to which he came, Melania her first husband met in a restaurant in New York, while the second version of the story of the couple met at an entertainment that organized a famous basketball player. However, what is common to both stories is that refutes the official version that Donald and Melania told to the media.

Researchers argue that one reason that claimed Melania Trump met him before 1998, was that a powerful businessman helped his career. Bojan Pozar in his book writes that Melania got the cover of the Spanish edition of “Harper’s Bazaar”, even when the industry began to talk that is beautiful Slovenian is in a relationship with Donald Trump.

“Melania is longer from Sevica”

Her ex-boyfriend, Jure Zorchikj in 2001 went on holiday to New York and decided to pass up “Trump Tower” and ask for his former love.

“I was surprised when the security told me that she was not there, but I can leave my contact and she would call me. And really. Two days later she called me and we agreed to meet there for coffee. She came with bodyguards, and I led my girlfriend. She was very serious and we were speaking in English. I asked, “Melania, why not speak of Slovenian” and after ten minutes began to speak in their mother language. She did not want to mention anyone from Slovenia. Her bodyguard photographed us at the end and then I saw her for the last time. Melania is no longer the same Melania from Sevica, she is now an American”, said Jure.
Four years after that meeting, Donald and Melania stood before the altar, and today the couple Trump has a 10-year-old son Baron.