What will happen if the US nuclear bombs moved from Turkey to Romania?


Moscow does not believe the United States will move its nuclear bombs in Devesel, but they warn the Romanians.

Although the most Russian military experts do not believe that the United States will move the nuclear bombs from Turkey to Romania, Moscow generals anyway warn Romania what could happen if dangerous 50 aircraft B-61 bombs arrive at the former base of the CMEA – Devesel, base Soviets built in 1952.

Although Romanian officials denied that American nuclear bombs will be repositioned in their territory, Russian generals explain what could happen and what the consequences it can cause, reports the Russian “News”.

General Valery Zaparenko, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of operational management in the Russian army, said that authorities in Bucharest must know that if they allow the Americans to deploy their bombs on the Romanian territory, then Romania will be put on the priority list to attack of the Russian strategic nuclear forces.

If they move the bombs in Romania, Russia automatically will strengthen its forces in the southwestern strategic direction. In that case, Russia would move several strategic bombers Tu-22M3 types in Crimea.

However, most experts believe that Washington is likely that dangerous weapons will return home. Academician Alexei Arbatov, head of the Center for International Security at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, recalls that Turkey is a NATO member since1952, and US nuclear bombs have been located there since the early 60’s.

“On the territory of Turkey are The American bombs, but Turkey has no aircraft that could throw the bombs on the opponent’s territory. The transfer of these bombs from Turkey to Romania would be a major international provocation that will definitely deepen the crisis in the already frayed relations between Washington and Moscow. Therefore, I doubt that the US will do so”, Arbatov is convinced.

“To do so, it must provide special warehouses to lead units that will keep them to organize a system for anti-air defense. Moreover, the Romanian authorities did not need problems with Russia. If you want to move nuclear bombs in Turkey and will then return home, as it did previously in Greece and the UK” said Arbatov.