New York Times: Hillary Clinton will be the new president of the United States


According to the latest polls, the candidate of the Democrats in the presidential elections in the United States, Hillary Clinton has an 88% chance to win the race for the “White House”, noted the New York Times.

One week ago was held the Democratic convention, and Hillary Clinton still has a large lead over Donald Trump, according to the results of national surveys. Hillary Clinton is ahead in key states and according to studies, are not expected significant declines in its support.

As the latest research results show that Hillary Clinton has the support of 45% of the vote in the US, while her opponent from the Republican camp, Donald Trump has 39% of Americans support announced today New York Times.

Noting that Clinton is going ahead, with an 88% chance of winning versus 12% of Donald Trump, New York Times reports that analyzes show that after the party conventions, ratings of both candidates are stabilized, so Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have supported like they have had before the conventions.

Neither candidate in modern day history who trail after the conventions did not become president of the United States note New York Times in a major analysis presidential election. The medium concluded that the presidential race is now practically completed.

The advantage of Hillary Clinton so far proved as a permanent, coming from countries that are “traditionally” democratic, now it is difficult to believe that in some of those countries will be twisted. Recent polls showed that Hillary Clinton has the support of 90% of supporters of her party colleague Bernie Sanders, as well as 90% of the members of the Democratic Party. On the other hand, Donald Trump cannot boast a lot of support from his party.

Besides, the Republican politicians neither the voters are thrilled with Donald Trump. Due to the bad results of surveys, the undecided voters would hardly vote for the Republican. If Donald Trump cannot unite either their constituents, then it is likely Hillary Clinton to triumph by a large advantage.

To gain election, Donald Trump should win white voters – members of the working class and thus somehow to compensate for the loss among well-educated voters and those who belonging to the Latino community.