Metabolism boost with these healthy lifestyle habits


If you want to improve your health and lose weight, the first thing they should consider is your metabolism, which has a huge impact on how cells in the body supplying nutrients and energy.

On this list of good habits can help you to speed up the metabolism.

1. The more often you eat, the faster metabolism will have

The functioning of our body is smart, food intake at certain times of the day for us is a waste of energy and calories. Eating a small amount every 3 to 4 hours help the body to use that energy. Whenever you enter food metabolism works.

2. Drink more fluids

For a good metabolism, it is necessary to enter a more fluid. When the body has less fluids, you waste less calories. Your liver is concentrated to recover the reserves of water and is directed to combustion of fat. Therefore you should drink more fluids. If you do not have a habit to drink water, drink tea. Green tea is great for hydration.

3. Consume dairy products

Dairy products contain a lot of nutrients needed for burning fat and building muscle. For example, calcium plays an important role in metabolism. The more calcium enter, the more fat you burn.

4. Be active

Any physical activity is welcome, whether it is running, exercising, dancing, hiking or something like that. Exercise is the best, because it increases muscle mass. Our muscles require energy even when the rest. Therefore the best way to increase metabolism is regular exercise.

5. Do not reject carbohydrates

Do not practice a diet in which carbohydrates are completely excluded. The lack of them can have a negative effect on brain activity and is also stressful for the body.

6. Observe the iron

Iron deficiency leads to a lack of oxygen to the muscles, which somewhat undermines health. If you have iron deficient than intake more meat, fish, apples, beans, spinach, Indian nuts, soy, peanuts, nettle, eggs.

7. Avoid stressful situations

Most problems with metabolism are associated with our ability to deal with stress. When we are exposed to stress, thyroid reduces our metabolism, leading to weight gain.