This man tried to kill the President of the United States


Now he is free, and no one is delighted because of that

John Hinckley, who in 1981 tried to assassinate the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, was released after more than 3 decades spent in a mental institution.

John Hinckley, found not guilty on 13 counts due to mental disorder, was spotted on a street in Williamsburg, Virginia, carrying food and drinks.

Driving gray-silver “Toyota” John wore his 90-year-old mother Jo Ann to a restaurant beside the subway station to buy sandwiches and juice.

“It could have been anyone. Nothing on him does not discover that he is a person who is in the history books”, said one of the bystanders who noticed him.

John Hinckley tried to assassinate President Reagan to delight actress Jodie Foster, because he was obsessed after seeing her in the movie “Taxi Driver”, which starred as a minor prostitute. He was so captivated by her, he moved to New Haven, where the actress heading to college and constantly were sending her many letters. When she hasn’t responded, he decided to kill himself or to harm the president. Anyway, he chose the second option.

Following him to the conference, when leaving the hotel “Hilton”, Hinckley fired six times at the president Ronald Reagan, but fortunately only managed to wound him, and three other people.

The bullet that could have been fatal, hit him only one centimeter near the heart of the then United States president, so thanks to the quick intervention of doctors, he quickly strengthened.

Press Secretary of the White House, James Brady was paralyzed after the shooting. When he died in 2014, his death was declared a homicide.

On August 5, Hinckley was released from the mental institution, and the only condition to him was not to get into any contact with the family members of Reagan and Foster.