Major Kurdish offensive: Assad losing the border area with Turkey?


Members of the Kurdish YPG today launched a major offensive to conquer the last parts of the northeastern Syrian town of Hasakah which is controlled by Syrian force mode.

Kurds find that their armed forces after midnight began an offensive on the southern and eastern part of town, near the seat of the governor. Fighting days in the city Hasake are the most intensive in the last five years of civil war in Syria.

The city is controlled by regime forces of President Bashar al-Assad, and lately Kurds launched an offensive to take the city. It is the most violent conflict between YPG and the authorities of Damascus, and it is a part of a broader struggle for control of the border area with Turkey.

After a morning lull in the fighting, the conflict continued in the city. Powerful forces YPG helped by the US commandos and councilors took much of the city and the east of the Gvairan, the only Arab neighborhood in the city that was under government control.

YPG otherwise is crucial in the US campaign against militants of the Islamic state and control much of the north where Kurds associated with the fighters of this organization and they have their own power.

Turkey is concerned about the unfolding of the events, because of possible spill of the rebelion over of Kurdish on its own territory. To not allow YPG to win big territory, the Turkish authorities are allowing Syrian rebels united under the banner of the Free Syrian Army (rebels fight against Assad) to collect on Turkish territory before the attack the city which is controlled by ISIS.

The forces of the Syrian army last week for the first time has even hired a military aircraft in the attack on the Kurds, followed by a severe reaction to the US where they engaged its aircraft and sent a message that if Assad’s forces continue bombing, will overthrow the plane.

Today, again over the city where are seen Syrian warplanes, but they are not bombing, reports the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights based in London. Meanwhile, Syrian state media have accused the Kurds of breaking the cease-fire and burned all government buildings in the city of Hasakah.

However, the YPG rejected that they violated the truce and in the meantime the city distributed flyers through divulges called upon members of the Syrian troops loyal to Assad to surrender the weapons.

Read from the leaflets: “All elements of the regime and their fighters that are surrounded in the city are sending this message to be the sign of our units.This battle has been decided and we will not abandon. We invite you to surrender weapons, otherwise you’re dead”.

Losing Hasakah city would be a severe blow to the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad would mean a reduction of the support of Russia, because practically the city will be under control of the Kurds and Americans who openly support Kurdish fighters.