“JFK” Evacuated After Several Shots


Two eyewitnesses said to the police that they heard gunshots at the JFK, then followed by police action in which nothing was found. There was nothing on the security cameras, especially there was no registered an armed incident.

However, airport authorities evacuated the JFK airport.

Two terminals at the International Airport in New York, “John Fitzgerald Kennedy” were evacuated after occurrences of several of gunshots heard there, but immediately that after an investigation were proved that is a false panic.

According to authorities, several teams of emergency services were sent to the airport on Sunday night, after receiving a tip about hearing shots, but there was no shooting at all.

Police on Monday morning announced that two terminals where the shooting was reported are completely searched and there is no evidence that there was any shooting. An officer for NBC News said the allegiance, applauded and the jailing of the people who were waiting for a flight and in the meantime followed competitions of the Olympics, may sound like gunshots, so therefore was arisen a false alarm.

Terminal 8 was evacuated as a precautionary measure in 9:30 after reported shooting. The Federal Aviation Administration grounded all planes until the investigation of the case.

After 45 minutes is received another call that says there was shooting in the Terminal 1.

According to officials, everything began when a woman that were leaving from the plane reported that she heard gunshots, and the same did at least two other people.

“There are, according to the reports, no injuries or arrests and the preliminary investigation showed that there was no shooting”, said the agency.

From the Fire Department of New York says that they have teams on the ground that, if it is necessary, to help in assistance to the people that are on the plane and also to help them to leave the plane.