For years you thought this was a healthy breakfast? You are wrong…


Here’s why is not exactly the best idea to eat bananas in the morning, or if we really want it to eat them we need to combine them with other food.

If you thought (like many others) that a banana or two are a great idea for breakfast, you are completely wrong.

Nutritionist Dr. Daryl Geoffrey explains that bananas have a good reputation because they contain a lot of potassium, dietary fiber and magnesium, and that they are healthy, but he said that they are not a good choice for a morning meal.

Ask yourself why? Because the banana contains about 25 percent sugar, moderately acidic, and therefore once you raise the level of blood sugar, and after a few hours you will feel equally sudden decline in sugar.

“In the morning you will feel how quickly “raise”, but soon you are going to be tired and hungry”, said Dr. Geoffrey. Moreover, this nutritionist reminds us that bananas are not so good for our digestive system.

“When you enter sugar in the body in any form, followed by the process of fermentation, something like the beer or wine, and it turns into acid and alcohol in the body. Thus interfere with the digestive system,” he says.

Nutritionist says that if you choose to eat a banana for breakfast, should not quit her, but you need to eat it with something else.

“If with bananas are eaten in the morning, do not enter a little healthy fat, they lose the positive effects of the banana, while rising levels of blood sugar”, he emphasizes.

Dr. Geoffrey advises with the bananas in the morning to eat something that will neutralize the acid and prevent blood sugar suddenly grow – it offers peanut butter or oatmeal in which you chop this fruit.

How often do you practice to eat banana in the mornings and do you combine it with some other food, tell us in the comment section bellow