Hacker released new documents of the Democratic Party


The hacker who presents himself under the pseudonym Guccifer 2.0 this Monday published on the internet another series of documents, stolen during a raid on servers that belongs to the committee of the Democratic Party for the elections in the US Congress, reports the newspaper Politico.

The newspaper notes that the documents relating to the election campaign in several election districts (counties) in the US state Florida. They described the strategy, which will apply from the Democratic Party. In particular, in a subdivision, as derived from published materials, the Democrats have a measure to streamline the African-American community, its members to register as their voters. Also, is giving advice “to strengthen its support among African-American population during the election in the district of Orlando”.

“These documents of the Committee for election to Congress relating to Florida: materials, memos, briefings, and other files. You can see for whom you will vote. It seems that the election for Congress, will also turn into a farce”, quoted Politico the announcement of the hacker.

Earlier the hacker under the alias Guccifer 2.0 published telephone numbers of the US Democrats. It was also reported that there was a cyberattack on the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic Party (DNC) in pre-election headquarter of the Democrats in Congress.

It causes a big scandal and the publication of the correspondence for party election for the presidential candidate who in July announced WikiLeaks that in the announcement alludes hacker previously published materials from DNC which proved that the election of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party was favored Hillary Clinton’s damage on her rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, with councils to publish compromising designs for the second one.

Because of this scandal, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz commits resignation of the function President of DNC, and from their positions also left her successor as president of the National Committee of the Democratic Party, Amy Daisy, financial director of the committee Brad Marshall and head of the department for public relations, Lucy Miranda.

On August 10, the newspaper The New York Times writes that the sabotage by the hackers was much more serious than previously thought. According to the newspaper’s claim, hackers succeeded in carrying out cyber foray into e-mails of “more than 100 officials and branches” of the Democrats, not only in the DNC. In this connection, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) away from the public, informed officials whose electronic files could be stolen, said by the paper.

From The New York Times, also argue that the aim of cyber sabotage, for which Democrats, including their current president Barack Obama who accused Russia, there were members of the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton and her confidante persons. Victims of hacking were members of the Democratic committee dealing with collecting voluntary donations and by analyzing the mood of voters, and association governors of the states of the Democratic Party.