In two years we eliminated 45 thousand soldiers of ISIS


US General Sean McFarland, who heads the operation of anti-ISIS coalition argues that the US forces and its allies under his command in two years killed 45 thousand fighters of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

About 45 thousand soldiers – members of the Islamic State have been killed in Syria and Iraq after the coalition against jihadist terrorist organization, led by the United States, began two years ago with bombing.

“We estimate that in the last 11 months, we killed about 25 thousand enemy fighters. If we add the 20 thousand that we eliminated them before, then we come to a figure of 45 thousand less enemies on the battlefield”, said US General Sean McFarland at a conference for the news.

According to him, the Islamic State currently has 15 to 30 thousand members, but the organization is facing withe some serious financial problems and it is  harder to compensate human losses on the battlefield.

Start of the offensive

US military forces together with its allies launched anti-ISIS campaign two years ago, but attacks have intensified several months ago. According to US General, the strength of the Islamic State has plummeted in recent months.

“The number of their fighters on the front line fell rapidly. But it is not just a drop in the number of fighters, but also it is a drop of the qualities. We note that the fighters of the Islamic State act less effective than before, so they are very easy targets now”, said the American general, who addressed to journalists of Pentagon  directly from Baghdad.

General Sean McFarland heads the anti-ISIS coalition led by the United States for a year and has achieved great progress in the field. Besides human losses, the Islamic State lost several key cities in Syria and Iraq, that is an area of about 25 thousand square kilometers in both countries in the Middle east.