Durant: I’m happy for Westbrook, but…


Russell Westbrook (un)expectedly extended his contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder, information certainly could not pass without comment Kevin Durant, who this summer decided to leave this club and sign for the Golden State Warriors.

KD is happy that Westbrook made such a move, but he once again stressed that he has no regrets that he decided to leave the vise camp team.

– It’s good for him, his family, for the people in Oklahoma who love and want to have him in their team. I have only positive energy and vibes to everyone, do not wish anything bad on anyone. If Westbrook decided so, it’s best – Durant says and adds:

– I felt good when I made the decision, there was a lot of noise out there, the noise that grew larger and larger, it was hard to ignore. However, as time passes, things get better. However, there are still different for me, I have not adopted yet, still I have not been with teammates, all those things I’m trying to figure out how they will work. At the end of the day, it’s basketball, I can adapt to any system, only a matter of time and habit – says the new member of the “Warriors”.

About the separation with his good friend Russell and talk about the whole situation, the All-Star players say:

– It’s a delicate situation, I do not know. It is easy for any that see this by the side to tell me what I should do, but none of you know what happened. I do not know, we will see when this is over, when this situation will calm. As I said earlier, we will certainly sit down and talk, but when that will be, I do not know – says the American team member that currently is on the Olympic games in Rio.