Dangerous call by Trump: weapon fanatics can stop Hillary Clinton!


Donald Trump’s statement provoked heated reactions in the period when the leaders of his campaign hoped that everything could and will pass without a new controversy.

Republican candidate for president of the United States, Donald Trump suggested at a rally in North Carolina that activists for the right of carrying weapons could stop his rival – the candidate of the Democrats for president, Hillary Clinton’s nomination of liberal judges for members of the US Supreme Court, reports “Reuters”.

The British news agency reports that the statement of the candidate of the Republicans caused a backlash and the week when the leaders of the campaign of Donald Trump hoped to pass without any controversy.

“If she gets a chance to elect judges, you people will not be able to do anything about it. Although you people who accept the Second Amendment of the Constitution (which authorizes the possession of weapons), maybe you can still do something about it, do not know”, said Trump at a rally that was organized at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Hillary Clinton camp reacted immediately about this Trump call, comments and the candidate of the Republic has called him “dangerous”.

“A person who wants to become president of the United States should not in any way suggest violence”, commissioned by the camp of the Democrats.

Journalists of “Reuters” got in touch with the leaders of one of the US Secret Service and asked them for a comment on the statement of Trump, and from there were only stated that “they are aware of the commentary of Donald Trump”.

The news agency “AP” reports that about Trump’s comments also declared Republican candidate for vice president of the United States, saying that Donald “certainly did not call for a violence”, which would be directed against Hillary Clinton.