Hillary and Bill Clinton in 2015 earned 10.6 million dollars


The Democratic Party in the November US presidential election, Hillary Clinton on Friday announced revenue together with her former husband, US President Bill Clinton for the last 2015 showing earnings of 10.6 million dollars.

Clinton couple and their revenue

The Clinton couple reported 10.6 million revenue for 2015. Paid $ 3.6 million federal tax, according to documents posted on the online site of Hillary Clinton. In the course of their political careers, the Clintons since 1977 have published all of its revenues in 1977, which is data that Democrats often espouse.

The main sources of income for the Clinton family are paid lectures of Bill Clinton and only in 2015 earned $ 5.2 million, and earnings from the last book of Hillary Clinton that the publisher “Simon & Shuste” said that he paid 3 million dollars. Clinton donated a million dollars to the humanitarian foundation that bears their name.

However, there is no response to the investigation in May of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which revealed that the couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton took more than $100 million from the Middle Eastern leaders.

The investigation of news Foundation Daily Caller revealed disturbing template according to which the foundation “Clinton” dragged money from regimes that have, to put it mildly, questionable record of compliance with human rights and does not always work in the interests of the United States. On top of all, the aforementioned $100 million does not include the 30 million dollars received from two foundations based in the Middle East and four Saudi billionaires.

“These regimes are buy their approach”, then Patrick Poole, an analyst of national security. “Here you have the Saudis. Then you have them Kuwaitis and Oman and the UAE (United Arab Emirates). It’s a massive conflict of interest. It is beyond reason”.

Meanwhile, former Chief Prosecutor of the United States, Joseph E. Digenova for Daily Caller said he believed the FBI initiated a second, perhaps even more serious investigation of possible political corruption which incorporated even the “Clinton” foundation. This has the potential to become extremely explosive, since it appears the Clinton Foundation used mostly to fill their own pockets.

The journalistic research consortium asked was whether Middle Eastern countries, rich in oil, donated the oil to the “Clinton” foundation in an attempt to commit impact on future US foreign policy? Also under scrutiny was placed and the business partnership of Bill Clinton by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the authoritarian ruler of Dubai, which lasted from 2003 to 2008. Clinton (Bill) from this period took $ 15 million “guaranteed payments” that shows records of the event.

Only in the last three years, immediately after her first term as a US diplomat, Hillary Clinton held talks in the 12 companies placed on Wall Street (with very deep pockets) where as normally charged at $250,000. Overall, it is a payment of about total of $22 million for these performances.

Tim Kane, the Democratic nominee for vice president announced its earnings for the past ten years. The senator from Virginia with his wife Anne Holton in 2015 paid 20.3 percent of federal taxes.

Republican and Democratic candidates in the last nine presidential campaigns by Ronald Reagan in 1980, regularly publishing their earnings. However, Donald Trump refused to do so and claimed that it was not enabled by fiscal control. He noted that the Election Commission FEC in May gave them the documentation of his financial transparency, which he thinks that is enough.

What about Donald Trump?

But critics of Trump, including the failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012, say the refusal Trump to publish to the media his income taxes and ask a series of questions to the net profit for its operations and dealings reportedly those with Russia, writes agency Reuters.

In early August, in an interview with ABC television on the accusations that Trump gets help from Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom, according to Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton exchanged praise and the unpleasant hacking and leaks of letters attribute of Russian secret services in support of Republican candidate, the billionaire said that with Russia had no any business relationship and that they are not familiar with Russia’s headlamp.

“I have no relationship with Putin, I never met him”, said Trump, adding, “If our country could cooperate with Russia, it would be very nice”.

Trump had a negative answer on the question whether he had or debt investments in Russia. Reminding that about five years ago bought an estate in Palm Beach, Florida for $40 million, and he sold the Russian for $100 million. But would not reveal the name of the buyer.

“Did you sell his house in Russian, if I have the opportunity? Maybe. It is my job, I have a lot of properties. But I have no close ties with Russia”, said the Republican presidential candidate.