Clinton assistant worked for a radical Muslim newspaper


Assistant of the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton in November’s US presidential election, Huma Abedin, was working for a radical Muslim newspaper wrote US newspaper The New York Post (NYP).

“The head assistant of the campaign of Hillary Clinton, a woman who could become the next chief of staff of the White House the first woman US president, for a period of ten years worked as editor of the radical Muslim newspaper which opposes women”s rights and accuses the US terrorist attacks of 11 September, “wrote the New York newspaper and notes that most of the perpetrators of those attacks were Saudi citizens.

According to the NYP, Abedin worked as assistant editor of the Saudi newspaper Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, where the editor is her mother.

The newspaper noted that the title of one of its articles “Rights of an Islamic woman”, that is published in 1996, recalls the statement by Clinton during UN conference on the position of women in the world, held in 1995 in Peking- “Women’s rights – are human rights”. In her article Abedin, in particular, insists that “single mothers, working mothers and same-sex couples with children should not be considered for families”, said NYP.

When it comes to the charges the US terrorist attacks of 2001, the mother of Abedin declares that “the United States had been convicted of the terrorist attack of 11th September due that established sanctions against Iraq, and because of other injustices allegedly loaded to the Muslim world”, another US newspaper notes that articles in that ten year period were filled with hatred.

NYP notes that the mentioned newspaper in which worked the assistant of Hillary Clinton promotes a strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia code, which calls for beheading as punishment, requiring women to completely cover their bodies and individuals advocating for the death of “infidels”; in their own interpretation of the term.

Merrill claims that Abedin just figured and was not employed in the newspaper Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs which is headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

Graduated journalist on George Washington University, 40-year-old Abedin, was introduced as “assistant editor” in issue during the period from 1996 to 2008, when her name is removed from the imprint and she worked for Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

Her brother is referred to as associate editor, and the nurse who was employed as an assistant editor. Mother Abedin Saleh Mahmoud Abedin which is originally from Pakistan, remains the chief editor of the newspaper.

From NYP pointed out that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly refused to answer the question whether Abedin was paid during her engagement in the newspaper.

Merrill also declined to say whether Hillary Clinton, whom the protection of women’s rights has made one of the central parts of his campaign, had knowledge of the position of her longtime collaborator in the newspaper or for its extremist views.

The New York newspaper says that they two were very close since 1996, when Abedin in the US media often been described as the “second daughter” of the Clintons when she was an intern at the White House awarded of the former First Lady.