China and Russia have a plan how to intimidate NATO


China and Russia have a plan how to intimidate NATO, now when the US and Europe reinforce military policy toward China, Beijing formed an alliance with Russia to oppose NATO.

Speaking last month on the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping held something that Western analysts call “inspiring speech: in which called for a military alliance with Russia that NATO would be helpless and would end the “imperialist pretensions of the West”.

These statements come at a time when Beijing and Moscow are sensitive because of the increased military foreign policy of the United States, which consequently had a series of major military exercise threshold of Russia and China and deployment of missile shields in strategic areas in order to limit the possibilities of the two countries to defend themselves if there is a collision.

“Everything is on the verge of radical change”, said the unsatisfied Chinese president. “We see the European Union gradually failing, and the US economy too – the end of the new world order is here”.

It seems that the rhetoric also focuses on encouraging internal strife in China, where officials have already called citizens to be careful because of anti-government agitators who could be Western agents during the US interference in the dispute over the South China Sea.

Loss of territory in the South China Sea would be a big blow to the economic aspirations of Beijing, given that more than 40 percent of world maritime trade passes through this area, which is also one of the largest marine deposits of oil and natural gas.

Calling for support from his compatriots, the Chinese president said that “will never be the same again, for 10 years from now there will have a new world order where the key factor will be China and Russia”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the development of the broader military and economic relations with China, talking about cooperation as “comprehensive and strategic partnership”.

Although the international community last weeks is gathering together against Beijing in the Hague decision on the South China Sea and deployment of anti-missile shield “THAAD” in South Korea, Russia firmly supported the Chinese involvement in a major joint military exercise in the Pacific.