Canada explained to Muslims, why is the pork meat in canteens in schools


Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork at the canteen at a school in Dorval, a suburb of Montreal, Mayor expressly rejected their request.

The Mayor who rejected the request of the Muslim families decided through a statement to explain why in canteens in schools will be pork meat in the future.

“Muslims must realize that they are the people that must adapt to Canada and Quebec, on our traditions, our way of life, because they themselves have chosen to migrate here. They should realize that they are those who must integrate into Quebec and learn to live in the city”.

Furthermore, here what the mayor said in a statement:

“They must realize that they must change their way of life, not Canadians who generously received them in their own country. They must realize that Canadians are not racist or xenophobic – they have accepted many migrants and even before the Muslims to arrive (for example, in Muslim countries they are not accepting non-Muslim migrants)”.

“Like other nations, Canadians are not prepared to give up their identity and culture. It is not the mayor of Dorval who the one who accepts migrants, but migrants accepts Canadian people as a whole unit”.

“Finally, they must realize that Canada, with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals – religion must remain a personal matter. The municipality of Dorval has every right to refuse any concessions to Muslims and sharia”.

“Muslims who do not agree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in Canada, have wonderful 57 Muslim countries around the world, and most of them are not enough and people are willing to receive it halal arms in accordance with sharia”.

“If you left your country because of Canada, not for any other Muslim country, it is probably because you felt that life in Canada is better than the country from which come from”, explained the Mayor of Dorval.