He was a bodyguard to David and Victoria Beckham, and now lives at the airport!


British war veteran and former bodyguard of the British football legend David Beckham is forced to live at the airport after staying without a roof over his head.

46-year-old man who uses the name Simon Jones, decided to move to Heathrow airport, inspired by the role of Tom Hanks in “The Terminal”.

The film by Steven Spielberg, 60-year-old Hanks is playing by Viktor Narovski from Eastern Europe, which remains trapped in the airport “JFK” in New York, after he has not been granted entry into America, and cannot return home because there is a war.

Simon Jones is already living for about a month on the most frequent international airport in Europe. Live with the food that guests in cafes and restaurants are leave the plates and uses free internet to look for a job.

Former member of a Parachute unit became homeless after his company broke.

He served in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Angola, Nigeria and Israel and then to hire a private security company. He secured the Saudi royal family, American diplomats and politicians, including former Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron. Several years worked for David Beckham and cared about the safety of his wife Victoria and three children. For some time was trained by experts in counterterrorism.

“Suddenly I lost everything when my company collapsed, which offered services for the provision in the situations of high risk and training of personnel. The work was a huge burden on my relationship and we broked. Suddenly we are homeless, and since all bank accounts were common, we left without a penny in our pocket”, he says.

The idea lives on the airport received from the popular film.

“Then I remembered on the Tom Hanks film about a man who lives at the airport. I realized that there would be able to maintain hygiene and have free internet available”, he added.

He said that initially he thought to stay mostly for two nights, but then realized that on the airport nobody asks. Given the experience in the field of counterterrorism, was shocked how easy is to live at the airport. Neither the staff at the airport, or the police asked anything.

“A group of three or four suicide bombers can easily cause mass murder. There’s no one that can stop them”, he says.

A spokesman for the airport “Heathrow” say it is sad that people come in a situation to live at the airport because there is a warm and safe, adding that the airport has a team of social workers who help those in need.

However, he points out that “they take seriously the safety of passengers and colleagues at the airport”.

“Thanks to the cooperation with the Metropolitan Police and the government, the airport operates at a high level of security. Security is constantly checked”, he said.