10 secrets that hide the White House


132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 6 levels, 412 doors, 28 fireplaces, 7 staircases, 3 lifts, 5 chefs, several gardens, tennis and basketball courts, movie theater, running track… All that exists in the White House. But what secrets still hiding it? Discover the least known novelties of the most famous American house.

1. Has a Twin

Supposedly the Irish architect James Hoban plans for the White House made example of a house in Dublin, which today is the seat of the Irish parliament.

2. George Washington never lived in the White House

The first US president never lived in the presidential residence, and its first occupant was his successor, John Adams, who moved in 1800. Although Washington chose the location, and the architect, the construction of the house began in 1791 and lasted eight years. Construction cost $232.000 dollars, which nowadays would be about four million.

3. The first film screening at the White House was the movie “Birth of a Nation”.

The beginning of the movie evening at the White House was 101 years ago, when Woodrow Wilson decided to host a screening of the director D. C. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation”, a historical drama that talks about the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, and has then caused a lot of criticism because of the justification of racial segregation. On the first screening were guests the director and Thomas Dixon, author of the novel, which has been making the film. Most movies watched Jimmy Carter, even 480.

4. The White House has not always worn that name

Theodore Roosevelt gave the name to what is today. Before it used names Presidential House, Presidential Palace and the something like that.

5. Clutch year for the house: 1933

Roosevelt built ramps and an elevator to make it more accessible for the invalid people. Allowed to build a pool, which were covered by Nixon and made it a room for journalists.

6. Some say it is cursed

Many guests and tenants claim that the spirit of Abraham Lincoln is still haunting the rooms of the White House. The most famous is the story of Winston Churchill, who claimed to have seen the ghost of Lincoln near the fireplace. Churchill never again made a step in the Lincoln bedroom.

7. Under the White House basement, there is a whole city

Nixon built a room for bowling, and there is a florist, ice production of chocolates, even a dentist.

8. Tom Hanks gave two coffee machines to the White House

The famous actor, during his visit to the White House noted that it is no coffee maker, so he decided to buy himself. A year later, again when he visited the White House he gave them the new model.

9. In the past you could get into the White House with no problem

The celebration for the inauguration of Andrew Jackson in 1829 attracted many people, and staff must to deceive the guests outside the White House so that in front of the house gave free whiskey punch.

10. Unusual costs of tenants

Bill Clinton before he left the house, his staff made damage of $40,000. What did they do? Deliberately uprooted letter W from typewriters, hung them on lockers capitals, strange phone messages left… The critics said it was not unusual for staff to former president joked with future tenants. Allegedly the staff of Bush’s departure has picked a telephone wires and left threatening messages, including one that requesting “We’ll be back”…